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get this thing started~

*cLeAN uP iN aIsLe 7...*

1. Name/Age/Location: Honora/23/Brockport, NY

2. Birthday: 12/17/81

3. 5 favorite bands: Something Corporate, Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, The Used, The Fray

4. How long have you been acting, writing or singing ( or for that matter, doing something that you absolutely love to do)? I've been singing since i was 7, and acting off and on since 8th grade. i've also been writing my own songs since my frosh year of college

5. What do you want to be when you grow up?  Hehe,, no really. i want to work with kids and theatre, and i'd love to be an EMT

6. Please choose a line ( or a few; if its more than 1, just # them. thanx) from one of your poems/song lyrics that you feel is "Emo" material :-D so we can get this thang started =)

*here i am getting things started*~

--- i balance myself precariously
 on the edge of this night
something so wrong
shouldn't feel so right


let me drink from this glass
rimmed with sugar and your tears                              <- particularly
i will be the one to stand my ground
when the smoke around you clears

sweet and salty
your smile and the
rainstorm in your eyes
come lay with me, my little one
and please don't be surprised

when i'm still here in the morning
as you throw the covers off the bed
from nightmares bouncing off the walls
from the darkness in your head

but i'm not afraid of your darkness
don't pull away like that
you've just never had anyone to love you
so you're like a cautious cat

you look at me with narrowed eyes
but i hear the purr from deep inside
let me show that i'm for real
that you don't ever have to hide

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